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Mirror mirror on the wall…

So I’ve been thinkings. To me it seems as if those who are all very happy and helpful giving advise and seem so sweet are the ones who struggle with depression and being sad; I wonder if its because they want to help others so much that they start to forget about their own happiness. Everyone should be happy, and for everyone who helps others, just know people will always be here to help you too. So take a break and let us comfort you like you do for us. xxoo

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Giant Double Chocolate Cookie
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If you wanna find love then you know where the city is. 
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The best way to move on?


Put your phone down when you are tempted to text him. Turn the other way when you see him in a crowd. Think about something else when your mind starts to ponder about old memories or wondering what he is doing. Focus on you and what makes you happy. Go on a date, even if it’s just with a friend. Get dressed up for yourself and no one else. Just realize you two didn’t work out for a reason and know that you deserve far better.

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blueberry cake waffles
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